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6ft From The Spotlight

6ft From The Spotlight is part of a wider movement aiming to bring about positive cultural change and improve mental wellbeing management training and support for individuals in the film, tv and music industries. During Spring 2021 I completed their Wellbeing Facilitator training to help me support both myself and my team better. Their work, in collaboration with Film Commission, Production Guild, BECTU, Film and TV Charity and many more has gone from strength to strength, now making the possibility of CHANGE a reality.

I was commissioned by 6ft to provide social media content during Mental Health Awareness Week 2021, the results can be found below. I combined my own location photos with provoking quotes from films that had been filmed there. I really enjoyed expressing myself in this way. Please feel free to share.

To find out more about 6ft From The Spotlight click on their logo or go to

Screenshot 2022-04-16 at 15.08.05.png

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